Instructions For Easy Property Description Creator:

For ease of use the categories have been set out in a specific order.


1. Lifestyle + Place name. You can use the 'Lifestyle' category in both your property Title/Header and/or your description lead-in phrase.
As a Title you can use LIFESTYLE + IN + PLACE NAME.

2. Appearance + Location + Views.

3. Appearance + Build features.

4. Amenities.

5. Intro Phrase + Living Area. Intro phrases are handy, especially if you find a lot of your sentences beginning with the word 'The'.

6. Dining.

7. Kitchen.

8. Intro Phrase + Bedrooms.

9. Bathrooms.

10. Deck/Terrace/Balcony. This is the outdoor pool and entertainment category.

Additional Benefits in Point Form - Technology, Garden, Parking, Floors, Windows, Doors & Entrance Hall.

12. Final Hook. This is your last chance to connect with the buyer on an emotional level.

13. Call to Action. It's statistically proven that more leads are generated when potential clients are given an instruction to contact.

Please don't forget to copy and save your descriptions.



a) The software has been designed to join phrases and create sentences in 5 different languages. Due to the fact that these languages all have different grammatical structures there are of course limitations on how phrases will join and make grammatical sense in the various languages.
b) Property type. There are many property types that do not translate to other languages. For this reason I have used the generic word "Home". Where needed, substitute the word "home" with an alternative.



This software has been designed to create descriptions that connect with clients on an emotional level.
In many places copywriting has been added to improve the 'connectivity' of the language.

For example: A lot of the language that is used mentions benefits and advantages, rather than technical specifications.
A very expensive fan may have stainless steel blades that spin at 1800 revolutions per minute, but what clients really want is to imagine the fan keeping them cool, comfortable and sipping cocktails on even the hottest of days.

The idea behind the writing is to guide a potential buyer into imagining themselves doing things and enjoying themselves in the home, and then ultimately to help that person/persons to take a particular action.

When people see the amount of work you put into generating a good property description it also reflects how professional they see the agent or company.
It goes without saying that: a) a better property description will without doubt generate more leads for you and b) you want as many people who are interested in purchasing property in the area to contact you because regardless of whether they ultimately like this property you want the opportunity to sell them something else.

When writing your description it's not essential, in fact it's often disadvantageous, if you use all the available categories. You want to create a little mystery, and give a reason for a potential buyer to contact you.




1. To create enticing provoking descriptions that connect with clients on an emotional level.
2. Save estate agencies and agents hundreds of hours of yearly work creating and translating descriptions. Time that could be spent being more productive elsewhere.
3. And most importantly, to create descriptions that generate more leads in all the languages.